Our Goals at SRB

  1. Raise awareness of the community, city and county administration, and city and county government about what SRB is
    and does, the senior center, seniors’ issues, and the existing and potential for intergenerational activities and programs.

  2. Expand SRB’s advocacy role with DRCOGAARP, and policy makers for Broomfield’s senior issues, as well as the regional eight counties seniors’ issues.

  3. Increase volunteerism through recruitment, training, and participation for SRB programs, fundraising activities, and the
    Board of Directors.

  4. Support low-income seniors in Broomfield with Meals-on-Wheels, medical and dental needs, chore services, and emergency needs through yearlong fundraising for scholarship needs.

  5. Support Broomfield seniors through the Broomfield Senior Assistance Fund.