The Silent Generation (1925-1945)

“Asking for help does not mean that we are weak or incompetent. It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence.”

Dear Supporters,

We have heard about The Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials, but why don’t we don’t talk about the Silent Generation? I was curious, so I did a little research.

The Silent Generation refers to people who were born between 1925 and 1945. During that time period, it was commonly understood that children should be seen and not heard, and the children who grew up during this time worked very hard and kept quiet. As young adults during the McCarthy Era, many members of the Silent Generation grew to feel it was dangerous to speak out. They grew up in conditions complicated by war and economic downturn. From 1929 until 1939, America suffered during the world economic crisis known as the Great Depression. It has been estimated that over twenty-four percent of Americans were unemployed during the height of that time period.

In addition to being children of war, the Silent Generation also made up a majority of fighters in the Korean War, which was fought between 1950 and 1953 and led to the division of Korea into North Korea and South Korea.

The Silent Generation brought the strong work ethics of their parents into the factories of industrialized society. This generation believes that promotions and advancement should be the result of tenure and proven productivity that stood the test of time. They distrust flash-in-the-pan success.

Many of the seniors in the Broomfield community are from this generation. I often ask myself why so many seniors don’t ask for help, but this is a generation of people who, by nature, are hard-working and traditional and may truly be silent when it comes to needing a helping hand. As caregivers, we must be vigilant of the needs of individuals who do not speak up for themselves.

Does someone you know have special needs? If so, please tell us! SRB’s fundraising events (Broomfield Days Car Show, Broomfield Days Golf Tournament, and the Autumn Gala) support the nutritional, medical, and social needs of our rising senior population in need. When you support SRB’s fundraising events, you are supporting a generation of people who may be silent about their needs. And while they might be silent, you do not need to be. Speak for them through your support if you are able to. The Silent Generation helped create our vibrant community. And when we return some of that vibrancy to them, everyone benefits because ultimately, we are, collectively, an interweaving of every generation that makes up the wonderful community that is Broomfield. And thank goodness for that!

Warmest regards,


Kathy Hoff

Past President