SRB Accomplishments

Our past few years have been some of the most active in recent memory for the all-volunteer members of Broomfield’s SRB Board. Below you can read about some of the wonderful accomplishments that have kept us so busy.


Accomplishments in 2017:

  • SRB funded the purchase of non-perishable food items for Blizzard Bags given to seniors to help them “weather the storm” in case of bad weather. SRB members helped fill the bags for delivery.

  • SRB produced the third Broomfield Days Golf Tournament under its management. It previously was managed by the BF Recreation Department. The tournament was a success and is described on the Fundraising in 2017 page.

  • SRB promoted and supported the Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels Basket Auction in July 2017.

  • SRB provided funds to assist a number of Broomfield Seniors with the cost of repairs to their homes to enable them to continue living independently.  

  • SRB provided funds to assist with the cost of medical, dental and vision care for low income Broomfield seniors.

  • SRB provided funds to assist with the cost of transportation for participants.

  • SRB provided funds to support the participation of Broomfield Seniors in the Healthy Hearts Walking Program.  

  • SRB worked closely with the hosts of the Rockin’ Classic Car Show at Broomfield Days, helping to staff the registration area. Please see the Fundraising in 2017 page.

  • SRB held its largest fundraising event, the 2017 Autumn Gala. This year’s theme was An Evening in Paris. Please see the Fundraising in 2017 page.

  • SRB increased its commitment to advocacy for seniors by participation in the planning of the new Broomfield Community Center and by presentations at City Council meetings.

  • SRB participated again in Colorado Gives Day. On-line donations were eligible for a “bonus” from the Community First Foundation in direct proportion to the amount donated. Please consider this form of giving.

  • SRB attended every month’s birthday luncheon at the senior center in 2017, greeting and honoring those celebrating a birthday that month.

  • SRB began a quarterly series of articles in The Broomfielder devoted to advocacy for Seniors.

  • SRB completely renovated its web site and continued its Facebook page so everyone can keep up with our activities.

  • SRB continued its community effort to address the lack of affordable housing for low income seniors in Broomfield.

  • SRB is the representative for Broomfield City & County to DRCOG – the Denver Regional Council of Governments and the AAA – the Area Agency on Aging. Bob Davis and Linda Tate are the SRB representatives and ensure that Broomfield’s issues are heard and that we are part of the discussion.