Programs Funded in 2019:

  • Meals on Wheels Support Fund
    SRB subsidized meals for low income Broomfield clients who could not afford a fresh, hot, nutritious meal. 
    27,246 meals were served to 168 clients and 58 of which received free or reduced fees.


  • Lakeshore Café Support Fund
    SRB subsidized low income senior lunches at the Broomfield Community Center. This program helps many seniors enjoy a nutritious lunch at the center. 13,289 meals were served at the Lakeshore Café in 2017.


  • Project Homecoming: Hospital Release and Recovery Program
    Upon release from a local hospital, Broomfield Seniors received five meals on Wheels free. This is a great way
    to let seniors know about the Meals on Wheels program. In 2017, 70 residents took advantage of this.


  • Healthy Hearts and Birthday Lunch Sponsorship
    Healthy Hearts lunches are the most popular lunches of the month. On average, ninety seniors enjoyed this nutritious lunch, twice a month, at a reduced rate of $2.00. The lunch is followed by an educational presentation
    by the Public Health Nutritionist.

    Lakeshore Café celebrates seniors’ birthdays on a monthly basis. For some, this is the only chance they get
    to celebrate their birthday. SRB treats them to lunch.


  • Blizzard Bags
    Funds were used to purchase nonperishable food items for seniors in the event of a blizzard. SRB members helped
    fill 170 bags in January 2017.


  • Handyman/Chore Program
    Funds were used to pay for supplies for low income seniors in order to perform minor home maintenance and repairs.


  • Loan Closet
    SRB funded additional equipment needed in the loan closet; transport chairs, lightweight wheelchairs, transfer benches, shower chairs, etc. In 2017,103 people took advantage of the loan closet.


  • Special Events
    Funds were used for expenses for the annual resource fair and the Lakeshore Rocks youth volunteer program.


  • Special Needs (hearing, dental, vision, hearing aids, miscellaneous)
    Funds were used on a case-by-case basis to address needs not covered by Medicare or other health insurance.


  • Caregiver Respite Program
    SRB supplemented the funding received from DRCOG for new and existing clients.